Tips for Your Session

: Timeless clothing in solid colors is best. Coordinating clothing for group portraits works well, i.e. all in light colors or all in dark colors. Bright colors and bold patterns are very distracting. Also avoid stripes and images on the front of shirts. All white is very pleasant on a light background, as faces show up first and attention goes right into the eyes of the subject. Dark clothing on a darker background has the same effect. In adult and group portraits, elbows and arms on adults can be distracting, so three-quarter or longer sleeves are best. Short sleeves are fine for individual children’s portraits.

Hair: Hairstyles should not be changed right before a portrait. Haircuts should be at least one week prior to the session. Only you know how you like your hair or your children’s hair. We cannot make suggestions as to style, bow placement, etc.

Glasses: The lens in glasses distort the shape of one’s eyes and face. To avoid this, we recommend seeing your optometrist and borrowing a lensless pair for your session. There is an additional cost to correct distortion and glare.

Feel free to discuss your wishes for the final portrait prior to your session. We can suggest clothing and backgrounds or locations to enhance your ideas. Call (989) 450-0853 to schedule a consultation.