“We do not have words to express how we feel about the large portrait in the living room. We find ourselves staring at it often. Thank you for helping us make Katie and Connor’s childhoods last forever, because we know it goes by all too fast.” — Micki

“Thank you so much for getting Mallory’s pictures out to us! … They are so beautiful. You do a wonderful job with her, and it makes it fun to have you do her photos.” — Michelle

“You did such a wonderful job of making us all smile and look great!” — Pat

“You have given me a memory of my father, who will not be with me long. But more than that, you have given me the memory of my family.” — Sue

“My siblings and I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service you provided for all of us. You are a true professional and a tribute to Bay City.” — Bart

“It really calms the nervous parents to see that our photographer is in control and not frazzled from a hectic day.” — Cindy

“I’d like to thank you for the beautiful picture you took of our dog, Maddy. You captured her expression so perfectly, even though she did her best to provide every obstacle. We truly love the portrait.” — Debby

“Anne was very energetic and willing to try different poses.” — Catherine

“Anne made me feel comfortable, especially by letting me know I was more important than the money I represented. … Anne always ran an idea by me before she would actually pose me. It made me feel more comfortable because I knew what was coming. … What I really liked was Anne would create a pose right out of the air, and it would be a really cool one.” — Mike