The photograph was taken while I was studying with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park.

Ansel  was  a renowned nature photographer and  a visionary figure in nature photography and wilderness preservation.    He died in 1984 and I was fortunate enough to take his class in Yosemite the last year that he taught it, which was in 1972 I believe.  His grasp and expertise in producing black and white images  was amazing, especially for a teenager like myself at the time.  Each and every image was thought out and planned in great detail before , during and while processing after. Nothing like the digital world of today where one can keep shooting and then delete.  No Photoshop or lightroom adjustments for Ansel.  He had a detailed form that he filled out for each image ( piece of 4X5 film) and brought it to the darkroom to get all the temperatures of the chemicals just right for that one particular image.  Was it worth it, all this time and learning of his Zone system?   Check out his images, if you are not already familiar with his art.  He was a dedicated artist and environmentalist and I am honored and privileged to have known him and have him  as one of my teachers in this wonderful profession.